Not All Colored Latex is Equal

August 31, 2018

It seems logical doesn't it?  A company makes a glove with Green Palms and they are just ok, your logic is every green palm is just 'ok' - or Pink Palms are cruddy- then every pink palm glove will be cruddy!   

What if we told you that not all colored palms are created equal!  In fact almost 90% of all Colored Palms used in Gloves today are what we would classify as 'replica or toy' quality latex.  Meaning they are not meant for serious Goalkeeping use.  Will they work in a pinch? Absolutely - should you spent more than about $25 on them - no way!  

Its important to remember when you look at gloves, if the latex does not have FILM or Plastic on it.... skip it - its lower grade of latex (only high end latex has film as it needs to be protected) . 

See the thing is most companies make up 'fancy' names for latex- to try to trick or fool you into thinking the latex is amazing.  But its just not true.  In reality there are 5-6 different types of Latex for palms and we rate them 1 - 5 (1 poor and 5 best)

  • New Basic (most common colored latex), fairly durable, not sticky at all -1
  • Super Soft (2nd most common colored latex) not bad, but not great -2
  • Mega Grip (very limited colors available) less common now -2
  • Giga Grip (DOES NOT COME IN COLORS) no matter what anyone says it simply does not come in colors Decent Durability but not super sticky -3
  • Quartz Grip (2-3 colors available) very soft, not durable at all but grippy for short amount of time - 4
  • Contact Latex (very select colors and very expensive also palm always has film or plastic on it) durable, good latex - 4
  • Supreme Latex (a cousin of Contact, less colors available, always has film on it) better in wet, and bit more durable than contact.  -5

That's why when West Coast launched Pink Supreme Latex it was a pretty big deal as we were working with the manufacturer of the latex in German to develop the PINK Supreme Latex, which is 4mm thick and designed for Pro Match use.  

We only use Match Latex on our palms and we think you should too! We are proud to release the LAGUNA LOTUS with Exclusive PINK Latex and we hope you enjoy it! 


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