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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month so we've teamed up with Keepers Care for Kids to help support youth struggling with painful and sometimes life-threatening situations. 
The heat of summer can be brutal on your gloves! We've got some tips and tricks to making your gloves last.
 We’ve got such an awesome pro team it can be hard to keep track of all the happenings! Here’s a new segment where we call out a few notable names every few weeks.

March brings about a new Feature: Pro of the Month.  This month we highlight Nashville SC Goalkeeper Joe Willis.  

Joe was able to try all different variants and decide the precise fit of the Quantum EXO Lockdown was the glove that he liked the best.

Matt Turner gets a clean sheet in his USMNT debut.
Tips, tips and instructions for eliminating smell, prolonging goalkeeper glove life and making latex stay stickier for longer.

Every day at West Coast we get questions about whether or not a keeper should use finger saves. This post hopes to help you make a choice, show what some our pros do and explain why every pair of West Coast Gloves comes with removable finger saves.

One of the most common emails we get is concerns wear on the bottom of a palm. 

A simple way to make your palms last is to make a fist when Pushing Up from the Turf.  

Coming off of his 2nd MLS Cup win, Stefan Frei was ready for a change.  He had worn the same brand of gloves his entire career.  So why change?   Stefan tried our gloves in 1 training session, after just 1 training session his decision was made.

We have a motto we say here at West Coast, 'the only difference is skill.'  What we mean by that is we work really hard to make sure every keeper has Amazing Quality, Pro Gloves at a great price!  So the only difference between you and that top level Pro is Skill. 

The new wider wrist strap hides an extended palm to help with control of the ball and playing out of the back, we are confident you will love it!

The Helix Honor was made to HONOR all of those Breast Cancer Survivors and those amazing ones, who fought so bravely but succumb to the terrible illness.

In the Aloha we worked hard on Increased Flexibility
  • Added new XTEND Wrist, which incorporates a Wider more secure wrist strap from Latex & Elastic 
  • A rad hidden Extended Palm, which will help you with distribution, front smothers and general ball control.