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Would Be Approved by Maradona Himself

For a little background, I have been following West Coast Goalkeeping since it's inception. I've owned a pair of the first gloves they put out and everything in between. I've fell in love with some, not so much with others (it should be noted that they promptly dealt with those 'others'). And now that I've played in 4-5 matches in this model I can confirm, IMHO, that these gloves are the best ones I've ever put on (we're talking from Nike Talons from Kasey Keller days). These are so good, that the king of punching balls in the box, Maradona, would approve!
The materials are top notch, but everyone knows that's the same deal on every glove they sell. The rubber pads on the tops of the fingers are placed just right and offer a big enough surface to help with punching away corners or balls floated through a crowded box. It also helps that they're more flat than protruding out in some kind of pointed shape so that you can control where you want to punch to. They have a thumb finger spine insert which can't be talked about enough, especially in indoor where I felt like it was stubbing or bending my thumb back almost every week. There's a soft grip on the inside of the fingers that helps keep the gloves placed just where you want them to be on your finger tips. The wrist strap is substantial enough to really feel like it's protecting without hindering. The rest of the material is soft to the touch and adds a layer of comfort to the glove that's noticeable. All in all I couldn't be happier with the purchase and I would recommend this specific pair to anyone without hesitation.

Great new Glove

My HS Senior daughter has worn the Kona Blackouts for a couple years now and loves them. I picked her up the new Exo-Skin Electric Negative for Christmas unsure of how she'd react. She practiced with them last week and really loved the feel. Said they were a little more snug and had a better, more controlled feel with the new glove. Might be a new style for her.

We LOVE this Company and these Gloves

My daughter received her new gloves over Christmas Break. She loves them! This company continues to go above and beyond with the quality of their product and their customer service. I couldn't believe it when I received a personal call on Christmas eve to double check my order which they were shipping out. Great Company, Great Product and Amazing Customer Service!

Spyder Jersey

Really good looking Jersey feels good and looks good...My son was happy when he saw it. Thank you westcoast keep up the awesome work ...

Great Fit

Wouldn’t buy another glove

Kona Blackout

Great quality

EXO-SKIN Union Jack

9 1/2 year old GK

Great gloves! 3rd pair of West Coast! Vyper, Spyder and now EXO-SKIN. Wears a size 5. Will most likely size up for the next pair.

This is my son's 4th pair of West Coast gloves. Have loved each and every one. Great quality and great designs. Keep up the great work at putting out an awesome product at great pricing.


It is all my son will wear! The service and quality cannot be beat!

Sweet kit!!

This was a Christmas present for my son. The kit is awesome. Fits perfect and now he matches with his gloves. This is his first kit from WCGK, but he is on his 5th pair of gloves. Great products all the way around!


Excellent quality and amazing customer service, gloves were personalized and shipped quickly! Will always buy from them!

Legit Keeper Gloves, will not find better for the pricing

The Christmas deal that No one talked about ! I got my 10 year old Keeper EXO Skin Helix originals plus a pair of green WC shin guards for $75 which included shipping. First indoor game with these gloves my son was pumped up to receive and had 16 saves.

This was our second pair of WC gloves. The first pair was Quantum EXO Marley it was a great glove now only used for training. Only issue with Quantum EXO Marley rubber around knuckles and fingers came off within a couple weeks of purchase. I’ve seen already WC trying to fix this issue with that glove


Amazing Glove. The Best Yet

Helix Honor
Westcoast are the only gloves!

For 4 and a half years I’ve only wore westcoastgoalie gloves, and my new Helix Honors haven’t let me down. Westcoastgoalie gloves are the best.

EXO-SKIN Union Jack

Incredible feel !!!

3rd pair of Kona 2 riptide great match glove! Checks all the boxes!!!

Customer for LIFE

We ordered the incorrect size needing them for a tournament within 2-weeks of placing the order. Needless to say, we were anxious. Not only did West Coast quickly engage to correct our mistake; they perform such duties with kindness and professionalism..

Great for Winter Soccer

Comfortable to wear in all temps, repels water, thumb holes, and compartment for your phone. Great sweatshirt.

Love them

I really love my spiders. I not only love the grip, but also the the feel of my hands in the gloves.

Incredible kit

The best as always

Daughter plays U12 Club and U14 competitive travel. The loves the fit and feel of the Spyder cut

Great gloves!! Highly recommend for any goalkeeper beginner or pro. High quality latex and great grip!!