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Second Pair of KONA Pure Gloves

Love these gloves - great grip and style. Ordered a second pair to put into rotation when the first started to wear.


Customer service is always outstanding !

Comfortable and affordable love it



Them Laguna Caymans

Best gloves I’ve ever used, and I’ve used Adidas, Nike, and Aviata. The grip is awesome and the durability and flexibility are great. Definitely worth the money and outperforms the best gloves of other brands.

KONA Kann Pro Edition

My niece loves these new gloves. And the original pair had a hole and I was extremely happy with the service getting it all worked out!!

Another Great pair of gloves and quick delivery.

This is my 6th pair of Quantum gloves (I play 2 nights a week and coach 3 nights) and I absolutely love them. The customization added no time at all to the delivery and looks awesome.


Carissa #25

Our daughter Carissa is an 09 primary goalkeeper, and expressed her excitement with the difference she feels wearing these gloves. Also she went up in size from 4 to 5. Carissa said she also wants to shop for apparel. Thank you for making a quality glove, at a reasonable price, while allowing Carissa to continue her enjoyment of the game.

Awesome gloves, on par maybe even better than the Adidas fingersave pro at twice that amount of m...

I have been wearing Adidas fingers a process last five years, the durability and grip was really good. These lotus gloves are even better at half the price

Comfy and good looks!

I love it! I wear it casually because it gives me more of a goalkeeper persona and feels even better during game time. I’m a person who likes lightweight material when I play and this is definitely lightweight! Protects me on turf and rough grounds too. Will buy another pair after mine wear out.

Kona Pure

Best goalie glove my 10yr. old son has worn. Fast shipping, great product. He says the ball sticks to them like glue. And the most comfortable as well.

We will definitely be sticking with these gloves for the future.

Another great product

Our daughter plays year round and refuses to use any other glove besides west coast. She was disappointed when the wrist lock was discontinued, but found the Kona to be very supportive yet flexible.

Top notch!!!

My daughter loves these gloves!! Immediately noticed the superior tackiness of the white latex foam. Great fit, build structure and on top of that, fantastic customer service. Thank you West Coast for always being accommodating when we show up to the front door ready to ship. My keeper loves the experience. Keep it up!

Love the glove

Both my 14 year old daughter and my 10 year old son have the Kona Blackout gloves. They love them. We only buy West Coast Gloves and by daughter in particular loves the Kona series.

Great game gloves.

My daughter loves thesr gloves. She plays U11 as there full time keeper and says these are the best she's had. Great grip and she can bend her fingers even with the finger saves inside.

My daughter loves them

Finger Tip Articulation Makes Me Feel Like I Have Less Grip

Great gloves, love your stuff!
On this glove, the way the finger tips are, I feel like I lose some feel for the ball. Previous gloves have had the finger padding/grip extend 'back' over the finger tip or go further out at the tip; these have the padding on the top of the finger extend over the fingertip a bit. It seems like I have less feel for the ball or less grip area at the end of the fingers than other WCG gloves. This pair is sized right for my hand; another glove is a half size or more too big yet I have better 'feel' for the ball with the larger gloves, b/c of the way the fingertip is... hope that makes sense. BTW, my team calls the gloves the "Shaguars" ala Austin Powers

Love them

Worn them for a month now and they appear to be holding up well. The padding took a bit for me to get use to but now I do not even notice them.

From a customer service standpoint, West Coast Goalkeeping it very easy to work with. Had to exchange my pants for a different size. The exchange process went smoothly and I got my new pants in a timely manner.

I love these gloves, i’ve gone back and forth between other brands but i always come back to west coast. The grip is amazing, great fit, and they look really cool. I highly recommend this glove.

Snug Fit, strong grip

Another incredible grip from these West Coast gloves. The negative cut makes for a snug fit and no slip. Finger tip save in the photo below.

Perfect fit and perfect grip every time

Outstanding grip in all weather. I have been wearing this style since its launch. They helped me earn a spot in Super Y Finals last year held at IMG. I have worn these in the winter cold of Ohio, indoor, on turf and in the driving rain.

The best

Can’t complain about anything so far, WCG have the best accessories for goalkeepers specially the gloves 🧤..