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Inflatable mannequins

These things are awesome! As a goalkeeping DOC and a player they have come in extreme use right of the bat. The kids love having them and training and feeling like they are in even more of a professional setting and using them in my own personal training to prepare for my pro season has been such a great help. Love these things.

Solid gloves

Not a fan of the micro-film the latex is covered in but aside from that these are top flight gloves

Great gloves

My daughter loves the helix line of goalie gloves. Great quality and great price.

KONA Blackout Crimson

My little keeper Brody gives them 5 stars !

Huge W

awesome!! pretty sure I got an unreleased pair, so I’m loving them

Love The Gloves But...

I love the gloves and I have now switch from the Viper V2 Venom to these. The one problem is that the logo on the top of the glove fell off.

Zipper pullover

Love it. Smaller than size but fits good.

Great glove

My daughter just received these gloves. She’s used them few times in training and loves them. We tried other gloves but at end of day she is back with West Coast! Going to buy another pair for games when they start up again. Thanks West Coast!

Keeper gloves

My son really likes these keeper gloves. He told me they are comfortable. They support his wrists and protect his hands when he blocks a solid shot.


Great ball at a great price. As good if not better than any fancy game ball!

Great gloves

I get these for daughter she loves them for internal grip



Another great pair of gloves!

This is my daughters third pair of West Coast gloves. She has a pair from three of your different collections now and can’t choose a favorite! This pair ran a little small and so we sent them back for a bigger size and this was no problem at all, West Coast was great about the exchange. Thank you!

Quantum Freedom Titan

Awesome Glove. I highly recommend it.

Great Gloves

Got the Turner Pro Model in Flouro Green and they look sick... always great gear and we will be back to get more! Quick shipping as well!

Quantum EXO Lumberjack

Vyper venom V2 and brand review

Great glove aesthetically and functionally! I have bought 3 pairs of West coast gloves so far and have been satisfied with each. Better for your money compared to more well known brands. I am a collegiate goalie and would be honored to be a brand ambassador. I always recommend West Coast GK to all of the younger keepers I train. Keep up the great work West Coast!

Awesome Gloves!!

I would definitely do the grab bag again!

My son's favorites!

We have tried most of the gloves that West Coast offers and they are all better quality than the other major brands we have tried, you just have to find the style that fits your keeper best. My son loves the Kona series glove. He plays at a high level and notices differences between West Coast gloves and the Nike Grip 3 gloves his club gives him. I appreciate how long these gloves last compared to other brands too. My son trains primarily on turf which is harder on gloves than normal grass and these gloves have proven to hold up the best training 5-6x per week.

Little Skeptical

At first I was a little skeptical of the tight fit this glove provides. But after investigating the finger protect, customizing (trimming) a few of the spines and removing the thumb spines I found a desired fit. Game tested the gloves in the same evening and the internal grip combined with the negative cut provided a great feel and grip on the ball. I will definitely be looking to purchase another pair of these gloves for myself and my daughter in the near future!

This is definitely a top tier match ball. I actually had a teammate order one himself.

20 great cones at a great price!

I do a lot of virtual soccer lessons these days, and not only are these excellent cones for in person soccer work, they also come in two bright colors (orange and yellow) that show up really well on camera, indoor or outdoor, night or day. Also come with a strap to keep them together and make them easy to carry! Which may be my favorite feature.

Training Pullover Shirt from West Coast Goalkeeping.

Perfect pullover for this time of year in California. Great quality. Might have to order another one just in case you stop making them !

Kona Honu

The glove itself it's great. My son loves the feel and grip of it. Only problem is that within a week of use the West Coast logo stichest on the right glove it came almost completely out. But that's superficial. Besides that is a great glove. Been using West Coast for 4 yrs or so. Over 22 pair of gloves and this has been the only complaint. Still this is our favorite goalkeeping brand.

The best

My boy loves your gloves. All we buy