New Gloves have Arrived!

 Thank you so much for waiting patiently!  

We are very excited to provide you some of the greatest Gripping Gloves, for the money of any US glove company!  We had a Facebook voting contest for the Hybrid Glove color - and Green/Black won, beating Orange/Black.  Mike Kennelly is our winner of a Free Pair of gloves (chosen at random) from Facebook voting!   

We are also moving to have Finger Protection as a separate SKU, so you can choose with or without depending on your need.  Finger Save gloves will arrive first part of January! So all the gloves we have as of today are non finger-save models.  

We are offering FREE Shipping in the US and $5 to the UK (about 3GBP) on any gloves ordered through the end of 2012!  

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West Coast Goalkeeping