The Helix series features some of most popular models like the Helix Aloha Black and the Helix Ohana. This series features a complete Exo-Skin backhand along with our comfortable and flexible BioHybrid cut. The Helix Series also introduces our XTEND Wrist ™, which is a unconnected extended palm to give you full coverage on the ball when making a save or distributing the ball.
HELIX Defiant $79.95 USD
HELIX Sonora $59.95 USD $79.95 USD
HELIX Aloha Black $79.95 USD
HELIX Aloha White $79.95 USD
HELIX Miami Beach $79.95 USD
HELIX Ohana $79.95 USD
HELIX Tie-Dye $69.95 USD $79.95 USD