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Glove Care

-You receive Brand New Gloves..... open up the package, try them on. Don't forget to give them a Pre-wash!  This is the most important part of having new GIGA GRIP LATEX Gloves.  Pre-washing the Latex Palms brings the glove and grip alive, let them air dry overnight, then they are ready for play. The difference will be night and day!
How to Clean Your Gloves
  • Use Luke Warm Water (not hot), immerse the glove in the water
  • Use West Coast Goalkeeping Glove Wash for best results
  • Do no apply any soaps with Moisturizers as it can ruin palms
  • Work the Glove Wash into the Palms and Backhand Thoroughly
  • Rinse the Glove Until No Bubbles come out (repeat if desired)
  • Wring the gloves out to remove all excess water
  • Hang dry for approximately 24 hours
  • Do not dry in Direct Sunlight or Over a Heater
  • Do not use Washer or Dryer as it will void warranty
Why Use Goalkeeper Glove Wash?
  • Most Soaps contain Moisturizers which can harm gloves, West Coast Glove Soap is designed specifically for Gloves
  • Sweat & Dirt Break down your gloves, without cleaning them they won't last as long
  • Washing your gloves restores the grip, bringing back the grip to a almost new like state!
  • Washing your gloves softens them and makes them more comfortable
  • Dude the Smell... No one wants funky Gloves!

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