Joe Nasco

 Former Colorado Rapids Goalkeeper Joe Nasco is not only one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, he has worked his way to the MLS by outstanding performances in both the PDL and NASL.  Joe was named to the NASL Best XI after the spring season in which he helped the Atlanta Silverbacks to the league title, earning four shutouts during the season. A former All-American at Andrew Junior College and an all-conference player at Birmingham-Southern.  

Joe currently wears the West Coast Vyper Supreme Grip! 

Name: Joe Nasco

Twitter: joenascogk18

Fav Food:Italian, but really not picky at all!

Fav Movie:dumb and dumber

Fav Music: anything really, but country would be top choice

When did you start playing Goalkeeper: freshman year in high school

Pre-Game Rituals: usually a nice pedicure/hot stone massage to make the feet feel good, and then get ready with my game time mix of music

Best Save you ever made:most recent would be 2013 season with atlanta against the ny cosmos, had to make three saves in a matter of less than 30 seconds, late in the game to keep the game tied and get away with a point.

Any advice to keepers: never give up! No matter the obstacles you have to overcome, no matter how many times you get knocked down, stand right back up and keep fighting! Because, success is only a breath away! "Each breath you take is a opportunity for you to be successful" Eric Thomas

Hobbies: relaxing with my wife Amber and my family, hiking, fishing and just being outside

How is it moving from the NASL to MLS: Its a dream come true! I have always wanted to play in the mls. I loved atlanta too, they gave me the opportunity and helped me get here. But its like everything else. You always want to play at the highest level of where you are, and right now thats here in colorado! But I will alsways strive and push to be the best that I can wherever that path takes me! Truly blessed for the path that has been given to me!