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Glove Care in the Summer

The heat of summer can be especially brutal on your gloves! The sun and the indirect heat causes latex to dry out faster than it would in other seasons. While we know it's the best to get new gloves 😜, helping to keep your gloves in fighting condition for as long as possible is our main goal!

Here are some tips for increasing the life of your gloves over these next few months:

  • Dampen your gloves before use: Water activates the latex! Keeping your gloves slightly damp is the ideal state for maintaining that sticky feeling.
  • Keep a water bottle by your net: It's not only good for hydration, but it also gives you a sanitary dampening source on hand for games and trainings.
  • Keep your palms out of the sun: Between training drills and sessions keep your palms out of direct sunlight and off the hot turf if you can to preserve the latex. Store them under your arm, the back of your pants or generally away from the ground.
  • Store your gloves out of the heat: Don't just let your gloves sit in a hot car or garage inside your soccer bag when you aren't playing! Any time gloves are exposed the heat (even out of direct sunlight) it can be damaging to your palms.
  • Wash your gloves: We know we say this all the time but washing your gloves every 3-5 uses keeps them clean and the latex more hydrated for a longer shelf life.
  • Consider your cut: Negative and roll cut gloves naturally wear fast than hybrids and biohybrids because of their tight fitting nature.

Safe safe and hydrated out there!



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