You receive Brand New Gloves..... Don't forget to give them a Pre-wash!
This is the most important part of having new German Pro Latex Gloves. Washing the Gloves brings the grip alive so they are ready for play.

• Peel Plastic Film off all new Gloves
• Wash Gloves Before Use (instructions below)
• Dampen Gloves before Use
• Wash Gloves after 3-5 wearings (instructions below)
• Store Gloves in Glove Bag or Glove Envelope away from heat.


1. Immerse Gloves Completely with Warm Water (never hot)

2. Put Quarter Size Amount of Glove Wash on Each Palm

3. Work it in on the palm thoroughly, rinsing occasionally

4. Repeat if Neccessary

5. Add Same amount of Glove Wash INSIDE Glove and Water

6. Rinse until no bubbles are seen.

7. Wring Dry Removing All Excess Water

8. Hang Dry (do not put onto heat or in direct sunlight to dry)


• Most Soaps contain Moisturizers which can harm gloves, West Coast
Glove Soap is designed specifically for Gloves

• Sweat & Dirt Break down your gloves, without cleaning them they won't last as long

• Washing your gloves restores the grip, bringing back the grip

• Washing your gloves softens them and makes them more

• Dude the Smell... No one wants funky Gloves!


SOAK Palms to Peel Plastic Easily!

The toughest part of Getting New gloves is getting the plastic off the palms! CLICK VIDEO BELOW to see our Soaking Method!

Wash Your Gloves - Restore the Grip!

Glove palm latex lose grip over time, no matter what you do! Much of it is foreign debris from playing - its ok, its normal! To bring the grip back, and get rid of the smell make sure to wash your gloves regularly using Glove Wash! Watch our Video to see how to properly Wash Your Glove!


-Latex can show signs of wear from the very first use.... relax, its normal - the latex is sticky from the top to the bottom, it will continue to be usable until you have worn all latex off the palm

-Latex is DESIGNED to wear, if it didn't show wear, then the palms are too 'dense or hard' and it would not be ideal for catching! West Coast is not liable for wear and tear on a glove, as it is intended for this.

-Contributing factors to increased wear can include: Technique (make a fist to get up off the ground), Playing Surface (Turf is much harder on gloves), Weather (summer months can be brutal), Care (Wash gloves regularly to increase life), were they dampened regularly and most importantly how often you play and train.

- Caring for your gloves and protecting the palms will greatly increase life, but sometimes unlucky Cuts, Dings, Knicks can be picked up from the turf or ground and are just a part of the game. The latex is still sticky and still usable.

-Negative Cut gloves will often wear faster due to the exposed finger design of the glove and their more snug nature compared to other cuts.

-Also make sure to always have a backup pair of gloves, even old trainers in your bag if anything should happen to your pairmary game gloves!