End of Fusion II Inferno & Spyder Pro

We want to give everyone a quick heads up that we will be discontinuing the Fusion II Inferno & Phantom along with certain Spyder Pro series gloves.  The main reason for this is simply to make way for new gloves.  West Coast is always working to innovate and bring new styles and designs in 2014 and beyond.  Just this year alone we have introduced 4 brand new styles of gloves! 

We know some of them are your favorites and we you are sorry to see them go, however trust us when we say you will see some new faces in our Line Up in 2014 and some familiar faces!  With that we will be launching additional Vyper Gloves and coming later in summer 2014 will be our Brand new Laguna Pro series, which we have been working on with almost EVERY member of our Pro Team for almost 15 months!

So take this time to grab some sweet deals on some of your favorites before they are gone and we if your size is gone... it is sadly gone!  Thanks again for making West Coast Goalkeeping, not only the fastest growing Glove Company in North America - but now one of the 10 most popular Goalkeeping Websites in America! 


As always feel free to contact me should you ever have any questions 


Stand Your Ground


Shawn Norris

President & Managing Director