Spyder: Soffner Pro Edition Arrives

We think every goalkeepers dream is to create their own glove & New England Revolution GK Luis Soffner is no different.  Having worked with West Coast to design this glove makes Big Lou who stands at 6'5" one of only 3 Goalkeepers in the MLS to have their own glove!  Soffner was very specific on the mesh, the backhand colors and design, and most importantly the latex.

 This is the first time this latex has been used in a West Coast glove, which Soffner has sampled all of the West Coast Latex's.   It is a 4mm German Wet/Dry Giga Grip and it will do the job in any game situation! 

We also wanted to further prove that the gloves you buy are identical - to MLS (or Championship, Scottish Premiere, NWSL, etc) goalkeepers- all for a great price!