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Fusion Alki
Ioana B.

Hello Mr Sean your gloves are awesome. But I have a suggestion can you guys make gloves with chicken nuggets on them

HELIX Sonora
Ignacio D.

Amazing service love ordering gloves from you west coast

Fusion Alki
Joseph C.
Great gloves!

My daughter has not gotten a pair of WC gloves that she hasn’t liked a lot, and no different with these new fusions. Love the new color scheme too!

KONA Blackout Platinum Limited Edition

Function and Form

As always, WCGK has created a glove with great grip, a good fit and an amazing look.

Fusion Alki
Brian B.
Awesome glove but….

My 13 yr old daughter loves the glove but there is two minor issues we corrected with tape. For a size 7 glove the wrist entry is a little to big for her wrist/forearm and the wrist strap is to long. After she puts on and tightens wrist strap there is like 4-5” of strap that hangs lose off glove. We corrected it by wrapping outside of glove with tape.

AERO Bravo
Yuniel R.

AERO Bravo

Fusion Alki
Anthony G.
Fusion Alki

West Coast has done it again with another great glove. Grip is spot on and offer great support.

Love the cut and grip shape, wish more sticky

My son plays on a U13 premiere team and a u14 D3 team so he gets a lot of wear and tear and experience with different gloves. He loves how the gloves are shaped already cupped and ready for catching he says he gets a good grip and is able to have more control with the ball. From my perspective they wear down quickly (could be how much he plays with them) and are not that sticky. We’ve purchased some really expensive ones ($120+) from Europe that had the most amazing grip. Wish these guys had that… but West Coast is in a price range that works for us. Will be staying with them for now.

Fusion Alki
Emily R.
Yet another amazing experience with West Coast

We have made so many purchases with West Coast, and every one is great. Exceptional products and customer service that is second to none.

HELIX Aloha Black
Thomas S.

HELIX Aloha Black

Quality and performance fantastic as always

Great gloves only issue I have is the tab for putting gloves on seems a bit bulky and sticks out a bit to much, may just need to get is to them

HELIX Sonora
Tim B.
Always great

Another great pair of gloves. We love the blue palms. Such a cool design

Quantum Summer Edition - Great glove!

My son has these gloves and loves them. Great fit and comfortable.

Ralph M.
I love my gloves

I did a lot of research befor I bought my gloves and all I heard was great things about west coast goal keeping I have loved them as of rn. And have recommended them to four other goal keepers. Best goal gloves I have had fully recommended. ❤️

AERO Gamma
Robin D.
easy to get a quality GK glove

West Coast Goalkeeping makes the whole process (choosing a glove, ordering, shipping, etc.) so easy. Plus their gloves are well made.

Abigail F.


Quantum Summer Edition

KONA Mexico
Gabriel R.

Great sturdy glove that delivers confidence and performance.

Phantom Destroyer
Luis M.C.
Held up

I’ve had my gloves late march and theyve held up well compared to other brands that get destroyed in a month or 2

AERO Alpha
Luis M.C.

I love these gloves, feels great and looks great

Stinger Seams than the Evil Twins

These which had to order are actually a little Stronger in the seams than the Evil Twins were which we had for only 40 days and tore apart. But only time will tell.

Excellent Gloves

My Goal Keeper son loves these gloves. They look and feel great. Always love ordering from West Coast, super easy and arrived quickly.

Great gloves

We purchased these for my son and he loves them they fit comfortably. Will definitely keep purchasing from west coast great company to deal with fast and easy shipping

HELIX Aloha Black
Cesar D.s.
Best gloves

Amazing, very comfortable, light, excellent working, love them