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Pink: For a Cure

We are happy to launch a Limited Edition Pink Spyder-PRO.  Proceeds from this glove will be donated to 3 Breast Cancer Charities - (Young Survival Coalition, Breast Cancer Research Foundation & The Breast Cancer Fund).  

Almost everyone in life has been effected by Cancer, be it a family member, friend or teammates family.  We wanted to have a way for you to show your support!

October is National Breast Cancer awareness month - and we have included a small non-affiliated Ribbon on every one of these gloves.  The charities we have chosen to support are helping Young Survivors of Breast Cancer and Research of this devastating illness.   Even if you don't buy gloves, please wear something Pink this October and keep those who struggle with this disease in your thoughts.

We also do want to let you know these gloves are very similar to our Spyder-Pro series we currently have, however there is no extended palm and we have chosen to include Contact Foam for these gloves.  

The reason for using Contact Foam was simple, we believe every keeper should have a pair of Super Sticky Contact Foam gloves for the right occasions.   They are ideal in drier days (light mist) or indoor- (they are not meant for rain).

Our Contact Foam gloves will last and when you do wear them, it is a weapon in your bag- much like a Golfer uses the appropriate club for the shot, or a race driver has specific tires for the weather.  Your Contact Foam gloves will serve you will in Indoor or drier conditions- and you will love using them!  - They are Super Sticky-- when you grab the ball.... it stays put!  After you peel the plastic the gloves stick to each other!   You will need to wash these gloves, because they are sticky and will get dirty- but thats a great sign, it means everything is sticking to them..... especially the ball!

Remember when these are gone, they are gone.... at least until next year ! :)

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