BioHYBRID - A Brand New Cut!

We are happy to announce the KONA BioHYBRID! The glove design itself was inspired by the North Shore of Oahu and Rocky Landscape of the Big Island, the design has a Hawaiian Hand Tattoo Design inspired by Pro-Team GK and Pro Surfer Obie Clibourne.  

What makes this glove so amazing is not just the insanely beautiful backhand, but the cut on the palm.  See the KONA uses 3 glove cuts combined into 1 that took over 18 months to develop.  

We combined the Round Roll Finger on the Index and Pinky with the MAX Expanse cut on the Middle two fingers together and added a Wrap Around Thumb- wrapping the latex over and under the thumb.  This unique and never before design reduced weight to the thumb area, increased the grip, and gave the best features of Roll and MAX together to create a SUPER Hybrid Cut, we call BioHYBRID.  It fits like no other glove has fit before, contours your hand and feels like a part of you! 

We also studied goalkeepers punching to place a PUNCH ZONE we call STRIKE GUARD on the proper place on the fingers.  Most of these have been placed on the KNUCKLES - but after testing with our PRO-TEAM we determined this was the wrong place and an ultra-flexible stitched Rubber-Gel insert on the upper finger area would be the optimal place as over 95% of Punching takes place there! 

We believe we have created what is our finest glove- with over 10 Professional's contributing and thousands of hours of testing, we hope you love the West Coast Goalkeeping KONA: BioHYBRID as much as we loved making it! 

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