Vyper Volt - Kopmeyer Pro

July 13, 2017

Haley Kopmeyer is a prime example of why you never give up.  As a youth player she was cut from her club team, only to go out and work hard and 2 years later be asked to play for one of the top Club teams in Michigan.  She was recruited by colleges and choose to the University of Michigan, where she still holds almost every Goalkeeping Record at the school.   

Toward the end of her Senior Year Kopmeyer was selected by the new Women's Pro league the NWSL in the final round of their amateur draft, in fact with one of the final picks in the draft.  She packed up her car and moved to Seattle, where she was the 3rd Choice and was later cut that season.

Most keepers would have wrote it up to a great experience and went home, Haley stayed in Seattle and trained with the team.    

Haley spent the next couple years working tirelessly with Hope Solo and former MLS Pro and incredible keeper coach Ben Dragavon to develop herself into one of the best young keepers in Women's Sports.

She went on loan to Australia where she was named W-League Keeper of the Season.  Came back to the NWSL and put up the best Statistical numbers in 2015/16 season of any keeper in the league and in 2017 she took the role of full time starter upon Hope Solo's retirement.

West Coast Goalkeeping President Shawn Norris signed Haley directly out of college to be a Pro-Team Endorsee, "I watched video of her and had seen the explosive nature she had, and knew it was just a matter of time before it all came together," said Norris at a recent event in Seattle.

Kopmeyer spent the next 3 years as one of West Coast's official testers, developing gloves and providing feedback on everything from style, to cut, to feel and fit - if there is a West Coast Glove you have worn, Haley Kopmeyer has probably tested it along the way.  

The Vyper Series was Kopmeyer's favorite glove she had worn and favored in starting in 2016.  The Vyper Volt features extended palm to highlight Kopmeyer's strength to distribute the ball out of the back.

The Vyper Volt is designed to be for Women and Men and features the BioHYBRID Palm, German Supreme Latex and new Internal Silicone Grip to prevent hand slipping.  It should also be noted that this is the first time in Soccer History a Women has her own Signature Model of Glove.   We hope you enjoy the Vyper Volt Kopmeyer Pro Model as much as we enjoyed making it!

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