Stay Warm In Winter

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Stay Warm In Winter

Posted on December 18 2016

Playing in Cold Weather can be a challenge.  From Grip to staying warm and dry.  Our brand new Thermo Dry Backhand will keep you Warm and Dry longer than any glove on the market. 
On those extra cold days, some keepers like to slip a Hand Warmer into their fingersave pocket of their their hands warm.
On the new Quantum with Thermo Dry Backhand, it is both Wind Resistant and Water Resistant.  When we filled the glove up with water in our tests, it actually held the water like a Glove Canteen, it is amazing to see!  
The Grip is our All-Weather German Supreme Latex - grip in wet or dry.  However if you play in Dry, make sure to wet the palm!  
Supreme All-Weather Grip, Thermo Dry Backhand, BioHybrid Cut, Combined with Neoprene for easy entry and a Tug Strap to help get your Quantum Hurricane on and off - we feel the Quantum Hurricane is one of the best all-weather gloves ever created! 

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  • Emily Walters: January 30, 2017

    I can agree with this. Using this glove in my tournament games a couple weeks ago where it was rainy and wet this glove performed very well. It never let me down when making saves and gave me confidence when holding on the ball.

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