Laguna Phantom MAX + Dynamic Internal Grip

June 30, 2016

The new Laguna Phantom Max may look like the other Laguna series- but it is a brand new glove, rebuilt from scratch.  Designed to be a bigger, wider glove- with more catching surface.  Under the hood of this new glove there are a few things we have not used before. 

1. Purple Supreme Contact Latex - the first Glove Company to use this, it is a West Coast North American Exclusive, that was developed exclusively in Germany and is INCREDIBLY sticky!   

2. Internal Dynamic Silicone Grip.  This technology is a favorite of Tim Melia of Sporting KC and John McCarthy of Philadelphia Union where they have been testing it for a combined 18 months.   We have taken Silicone Gel and made small WAVES of silicone in the fingertips of the MAX Grip.   The Grip is inside each finger, and as the Silicone Warms it sticks to your fingers, adhering to your fingers.  This Wave Pattern works great with the Wide styles of the MAX grip.

3. A Wider MAX Cut, people have asked us for a 'Flat Cut' - we don't believe in a plain flat cut, however we do LOVE wider MAX, cuts, which take flat cuts and widen them substantially, - giving you a massive surface area to catch!

The backhand is full latex with a new even SOFTER latex on the glove and our signature Memory Foam lining (which helps soften hard shots and protect your hands).

This glove went through over 2 years of work to create and we are confident you will love it, its an amazing piece of goalkeeping technology for a great price!


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