KONA North Shore

January 08, 2018

The KONA North Shore is the replacement for the original KONA BioHYBRID - the KONA that launched it all.  The KONA was designed on the Big Island of Hawaii and this colorway was inspired by the North Shore of Oahu (a fav of many of us at West Coast). 

For this glove we wanted to create a glove with an Ultra Durable Palm so we used our White Supreme Any Condition Latex, combined with our All Weather Composite Backhand.  This Glove was built to be a hearty, durable glove, with memory foam and padding to help absorb those hard shots.

The KONA Series is unique in that it represents a larger backhand, which helps absorb those hard shots and prevents a lot of hand stings, it also fits about half a size larger due to that backhand.  It has become the favorite glove for many Pro-Team athletes. 

We worked with Tyler Miller of LAFC (and formerly Seattle Sounders) on the development of this glove and this glove was tested mainly on TURF in the Pacific Northwest, SoCal on Grass and Sand and Oahu on Sand.  

We are very proud of this glove and hope you enjoy it as much as we did designing it and building it for you.

Stand Your Ground

Shawn Norris

President, West Coast GK


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