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Goalkeeper Glove Wash!


At West Coast we are always working on developing new products, from new designs and cuts of gloves to goalkeeping accessories - we will never stop developing new products.  One of the products we have been working on the longest is our Glove Wash.  Washing gloves is vital to a serious goalkeeper (or one that doesn't like giving up goals)!  

Washing Gloves Dramatically increases the life of gloves, it removes chemicals left in the gloves during the manufacturing process, it removes dirt and grime from playing, restores grip back to the glove, gets rid of smells and is a great time for a keeper to examine their gloves and take ownership of their most important piece of equipment! 

A habit from almost every Pro Goalkeeper is washing their own gloves the day before a match, it allows them to see the wear and tear on their gloves- see which gloves should be training gloves and which are still match worthy and it allows them to feel confident in themselves as they play.  

After you wash your gloves, it is important wring out the excess water and allow them to hang dry.  Don't use a dryer or put them in the sun - this is horrible for your gloves and will shorten the life span.  

Some people have said 'wipe/wash your gloves and put them in the package damp' -- DO NOT DO THIS! Your gloves will mold, wet things in dark places with no air to breath will give you mold on your gloves and ruin your palms!  

Our Glove Wash is Ultra-Concentrated, so a little bit will go a long way! It was designed specifically for our Pro-Team and now we are proud to make it available for everyone!  It is only available to our US Customers for just $7! 

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