Welcome Jordan Jennings to Pro-Team

May 26, 2013

One of the most important things about West Coast Goalkeeping gloves is that we use Professional Goalkeepers to help us test and design our gloves.  

It is crucial for West Coast to have keepers at every level of Professional Soccer both men and women and in every corner of the world as part of our Pro-Team.  (We are very specific in who and what we look for in a Pro-Team keeper!) They will wear the gloves in the toughest conditions and in all different sorts of weather. They will wear them far more than the average keeper, they will try to break them and in the end - we compile all of their feedback and use it in our development process.  Right now we are developing gloves for next season, with the feedback the West Coast Pro-Team gives us!  

We wanted to make sure we had the rains of England and Scotland, the mud of Ireland, the Turf so many in the US play on, and the arid conditions we see so many keepers playing on represented.  With that we are glad to announce our newest Pro-Team member, Jordan Jennings.  

Jordan is an American Pro Goalkeeper, currently playing in Australia for Sydney United 58 FC, in the IGA National Premier NSW Division.  In fact he is the only American Pro Goalkeeper currently playing in Australia!  

Jordan will be able to provide feedback on new conditions  in Australia, new pitches and surfaces and be able to bring the West Coast glove to a whole new audience (and continent)!  

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