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May 05, 2013 1 Comment


 We have been hard at work designing and making the new Spyder gloves for you!  The new Spyders will be broken down into two families of gloves, the SPYDER-MAX which you see now in Orange and Green and soon the SPYDER PRO!  The Spyder Pro will have a Roll Finger and Negative version those are currently being tested by our Pro-Teams right now and will be ready for launch soon!

The Spyder-Max is a big evolution in glove design for the team at West Coast, we have moved from a European finger design to a very much cutting edge American design.  The Squared off and wide fingers are something we have been asked for from our customers for quite a while.  We actually spent an extra month just working with Pro-team and collecting feedback, Scott Morrison of Arbroath in Scotland and Robert Birdsall of Cobh Ramblers in Ireland became huge fans of this cut of glove (even after never wearing it before as Pro's) - to the point that both converted over totally to this Cut of glove.

We call it the Max-Grip palm and the most noticeable thing right away is the Pre-Curve of the glove.  It is very pronounced and that was based on the feedback we had working with the Pro's.  Since the Fingers got wider on this glove, the palm had to get a bit flatter in places, and we also had to add the Pre-Curve to go with it.  We think you are going to love this series of gloves from us.

 We will keep making the Fusion Gloves, many of you love our original glove and we wouldn't think of killing the line (as soon as we restocked the middle of last week- we almost immediately sold out of certain sizes).  We will also be discontinuing the Fusion Hybrid, while it is a great glove- we will be release several more new ones in the next 2-3 months that will take its place!  

New Website! 

We also tried to brighten things up around here, we promise to use the News Blog Section that we brought forward, along with twitter and we will be adding Videos of gloves very soon!  Please let us know how you like the new layout compared to the old one!

As always- we greatly appreciate your business and letting us be part of your game- 

Stand Your Ground!

Shawn Norris

Founder,West Coast Goalkeeping


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Luis Pastaza
Luis Pastaza

April 01, 2015

Hello , I play in Florida amateur level only loco tournaments the fields down here have a very rough grass I was wondering what tipe of gloves can u recommend ??

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