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New Spyder-Max Storm & Vyper Nasco BLUE Edition

Posted on 13 December 2014

Welcome Spyder-MAX Storm and Vyper Nasco BLUE Edition.  These gloves incorporate 2 new All-Weather Supreme Grip Latex's.  The latex is quite unique in that it gives amazing grip in the wet as well as dry.  Both of these gloves need to be wet before you use the latex if its dry outside for optimal grip and more importantly to protect the latex. 

Spyder-MAX Storm incorporates a Classic White design with a beautiful Black Palm.  This glove will have a wider cut and wider palm and allow for a bit more movement in the hand.  It has a sweeping Pre-Curve to the glove and is quite stunning!

Vyper Nasco BLUE Edition takes the same design as the previous version and combines it with a brand new Roll Finger Cut with a positive stitch (that's the stitch in the middle two fingers) to put more latex on the ball when catching.  The Blue All Weather Supreme is Striking and a beautiful addition to the glove!



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