Spyder Ultra Max Spark Yellow

September 17, 2014

Goalkeepers come in all different shapes and sizes and so do their hands, we really strive to have a wide variety of Goalkeeper Cuts and styles for everyone.  One of our most in demand cuts of glove is our Ultra max, which is a wider finger softer backhand glove.  This allows for a more comfortable fit for someone who doesn't want a Reverse Cut/Neg or perhaps wants more contact from the latex on the ball. 

Since we have so many Pro's that wear our gloves, it is vital we have cuts that everyone likes as well, this cut is a favorite of Patrick McLain formerly of Chivas USA and Mitch Hildebrandt of Minnesota United FC - who both find other cuts don't give them the grip on the ball they like!

We have taken the latex from our Previous Fusion II Inferno and applied it to the Ultra Max Glove and we think the combination has come out great!  So if you are looking for a glove with a little more room and something that is great in any weather and can put more latex on the ball - go for the Ultra Max line!

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