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Where Can I Buy Your Gloves?

Posted on 06 January 2014

This is one of the most common questions we get, "Can I buy your gloves in my local store"? The answer is You can only get West Coast Goalkeeping Products from or an Official West Coast GK Affiliated Goalkeeping Academy.  We have 2 core principles that drive us everyday: 1. Always Make the Customer Happy 2. Pro Goalkeeping Gloves for a great price! 

We have worked with retailers both online and in stores in the past, and we had quite a bit of success- the problem we ran into is that retailers increased the price of our gloves in almost every instance to $70-90.  They explained they quality justified a much higher price and in fact its better margin for the store, thats why we like they liked the higher priced gloves.  Our response on multiple occasions is we believed high quality gloves should be at a price everyone could afford, that is something we firmly believe in, it's what West Coast is based on.  

So as a company we made a decision that selling direct from our Web site was going to be our sole focus for our Gloves.  That way if there was a customer issue, we could handle it, if a customer has a question- we can answer it.  Who better to represent and sell our products than us? 

It's the small things that make a difference

-Priority shipping on all packages in the US $5/US ($10 anywhere in the world)

-100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

- Free Exchanges for different sizes (no worry if the glove doesn't fit, we will pay to ship you a new pair)!

-We answer every question, seriously everyone of them! 

-Take out the middle man and keep the prices low, but the quality high!

There are people that just want cheap replica disposable Gloves for $20 and that is fine- but for people who want quality and reliability, they know they don't have to spend that much more to get a Profession product - that is what a Professional Goalkeeper is wearing and as a Parent and a player I take comfort in that!


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  • Jorge garcia: April 10, 2015

    From where do you guys ship your gloves? Is it in Seattle? I live in Washington so i think the shipping will be quick. THANKS

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