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Making the most of Glove ID

Glove ID is an awesome way to give your gloves that personal touch! Whether it’s your nickname, an inspirational phrase, a tribute, or the old LEFT/RIGHT reminder- we can put it on your gloves! The creativity we’ve seen is truly awesome.

Before we dive in, here’s a few high-level tips and considerations as you make your decisions.

  • The cost of Glove ID on our website is for BOTH GLOVES! While we love you wanting to spend money with us, we don’t want you paying any extra.


  • Don’t forget to select a color that is DIFFERENT than the color of the ID box! We want to make sure you can see your message 😊. 
  • Recommended Color is the color that we think looks best with that particular glove. On a few gloves, it means two different colors. Fire & Ice has red on the red hand and blue on the blue hand. Miami Beach uses pink and cyan. Evil Twins have green and orange.
  • Our character limits are guidelines. Gloves with smaller glove boxes will look better with less characters – especially when using embroidery. Larger glove boxes can have more. If you have a specific personalization that exceeds our limits by a few characters, send us an email and we will see if it will Sometimes we can put the words on two lines and it will look great.
  • When looking at photos of the gloves look at the size of the ID box. This is how we set character limits and will also give you a good idea of how your final product will look! 
  • Gloves in order from largest to smallest amount of space for personalization
    • Phantom– large across all sizes.
    • Kona, Spyder, Vyper, Helix, Fusion, Aero – larger on sizes 8 and up; smaller on sizes 7 and below.
    • Quantum Melia/Turner/Freedom are great for one long word because the box is very wide.
    • Quantum EXO Skin – consistently small on all sizes. If your personalization can be split into two or three words so that they can be placed on two lines, it is really helpful.
  • Get creative! There really are only a handful of items we won’t put on a glove (we will just contact you if we cannot) so go wild!

  • Please allow 2-3 extra days (5-7+ during Black Friday/Cyber Monday) for ship time when Glove ID is selected. The ship speed you select speeds up the shipping, not our ability to ID the gloves any quicker!
  • We only ID on weekdays and as a company, do not ship on Sundays or major holidays. So if you order glove ID on a Friday night, we will not be able to start the process until the following week.
  • The Notes Section at check out is your friend. You can find it at the bottom of your cart. If you only want one glove ID’ed, let us know that you purposely left one blank. If you want your ID color to be the same as the glove background (black on black/white on white), leave a note.


The rest of this blog is to help you understand your options so you can pick the Glove ID that is best for you or your goalkeeper.


This option is vinyl being heat pressed to the top of the glove.

Cost: $9


  • More characters for longer names/phrases
  • More character options (ie. awareness ribbons)


  • Wears more quickly over time

Flag Glove ID

This is a variation of vinyl but includes a country flag and optional short text. We currently have 10 country flags available on our website.

Cost: $12


  • Rep your country!
  • Copy pros like Matt Turner


  • 4 character max for additional text


This option is sewn into the glove.

Cost: $16


  • Highly durable
  • Clean look


  • More limited with the number of characters than vinyl (each glove varies)
  • No flag option available 

We hope this helps. Be sure to join our Goalkeeper Parents Tips & Support Facebook group for more helpful information like this!

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