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QUANTUM Series & Tim Melia

We are very proud of the work our team does on developing gloves, mainly because its an attitude of open minds and a fresh approach to every glove.  This was the case with the Quantum, we wanted to create a glove the super flexibility, but with more mesh than our other gloves- and a new look and set of features.   

We worked directly with Pro-Team and Sporting Kansas City Goalkeeper Tim Melia on this glove.  Tim had formerly worn another big brand and wasn't happy with the grip - he had gotten his hands on a pair of West Coast gloves from Brian Rowe and immediately reached out to us and said 'I need to wear these'!  - But Tim had some ideas about how to make it better- so we listened. 

Mainly the Index Finger and Pinky Knuckles bend the most when you catch - so it needs to flex there more... no glove has ever done that.... so we developed a cool design to work around that- with our Arrow Ergo Backhand design.  He also indicated a wrap over and under thumb as vital so we worked on that as well.  Our team added the Micro Adjustable Rubber Gel plate, which is for small adjustments to the glove and protecting the backhand and zipper and the glove was born. 

The initial color was Red and Black but after about 6 months of testing we kept changing the colors our team decided we needed a pink glove and the Pink Camo was born!  Tim is working on another design currently we will launch this  summer which is a white trimmed with powder blue - called the Quantum Classic.  

In all the Quantum took about 18 months and 9 revisions to get correct before we got it you- and we are very happy in the lightweight, very flexibly, ergonomic fit of the glove and we think you will be too.  We want to thank Tim Melia who helped our team design the glove and look for Tim's unique colorway coming this summer!  

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