KONA Series

KONA is designed for maximum comfort. Combined with a Strike Guard for maximum Punching Force and flexibility, this brand new series of gloves features Supreme Latex, Removable FingerSaves- features Hybrid Cuts and Wrap Over/Under Thumb for the best fit you have ever had! This Series is a design collaboration between West Coast Partner Caleb Cowart, Pro Surfer/Indoor Keeper Obie Clibourne and West Coast Founder Shawn Norris, who came up with the concept while watching Beach Soccer on the North Shore of Oahu.


KONA Honu $79.95 USD
KONA Pure $79.95 USD
KONA Club Series $59.95 USD $69.95 USD
KONA North Shore $79.95 USD
KONA Sunrise $79.95 USD
KONA Pure Cyan $79.95 USD
KONA Mexico $59.95 USD $79.95 USD