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Fusion 2 - What is Contact Foam?

The Fusion 2 is big for West Coast, the Fusion was our First Glove!  Just over a year ago we officially launched the Fusion to the general public after only being available to clubs and academy's.  Scott Morrison wore the Fusion on a cold December night against Glasgow Celtic- almost beating the Scottish giants if it wasn't for a untouchable wonder-goal.

We wanted to take that tradition of the Fusion, the glove that started it all and make it even better.  While still keeping the same price of $49-55 US!  We also wanted to add things we couldn't before, like Contact Foam as an option and removable Finger & Thumb saves.  With that being said we are also bringing back our Fusion Pro Negative because so many people asked! So we will have the Fusion Pro Neg and the Fusion 2 Inferno & Phantom all available !

Many people ask What is Contact Foam?  Contact Foam is a Super Sticky Palm Material that has a plastic covering over it to prevent it from getting any foreign objects on it during the manufacturing process.  Our Contact Foam is called "Complete Contact" is has a great feel to it and is stickier at first.  Contact Foam lasts about 90-95% as long as our standard Giga Grip - most keepers will never notice the difference and even some of our Pro-Team keepers didn't notice the difference.

Contact Foam- because it is super sticky, makes for an Ideal Match glove- usually it sells for 90-130 US dollars- but since we own the entire process from start to finish - we can offer it much cheaper!  With that said, not all our Pro's wear Contact Foam, many prefer Giga Grip.  It is just personal Preference and it has a different feel.  We think each Goalkeeper has to find the latex and West Coast Glove that is right for them.  

Contact foam treatment during the glove process dramatically improves the stickyness, however it is not an all-weather or rain glove.  It is ideal for Dry, Indoor or very light mist- we don't recommend it for rain.  It is a weapon at your fingertips- you will be amazed at the difference when you break out these gloves!

Go ahead and try a Contact Foam Glove, if you aren't happy we will gladly exchange it for you or return your money if you aren't satisfied- we stand behind all of our gloves and remember Stand Your Ground! 



Shawn Norris

Founder, West Coast Goalkeeping

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