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Are these really Pro Gloves? 

When one of West Coast Pro-Team Keepers (or other Pro's or College players) gets a glove from us, we simply grab the same glove any customer would wear.  We have no way of knowing who will get what glove, from Jeff Attinella playing the LA Galaxy or Scott Morrison facing Rangers, or Celtic to a local GK playing with their friends!  Our gloves are identical in build quality and material for every size, make and model.  In fact, its why we started the company- to give every person Pro gloves at an amazing price! 

What is the difference between a Pro Glove and what else is out there? 

There are several types of gloves sold (however West Coast only sells Pro Gloves):  Pro, Practice, Replica -  all vary in the thickness and gripping properties of the latex, the quality of materials used, craftsmanship and the features of the glove.    We started West Coast with the belief that we could provide Match Gloves at Replica prices, the gloves you buy from us are identical to the Pro Match gloves worn in the MLS, FA Cup, Irish Airtricity League, SPL, Npower League, NWSL ...... (the list goes on and on). 

Sizing my Gloves?

Different cuts fit differently, since West Coast has so many different styles of gloves and Cuts- they all will not fit the same.  If you have Questions please shoot us a message.   Also please remember if you plan to use fingersaves your gloves will fit more snugly than if they are removed.  Refer to the chart found HERE.  If you order your glove and it doesn't fit let us know and we can arrange to swap it out for you as long as it is unused! If you are unsure PLEASE email us- its easy and we gladly will help:

What is German Latex?

There are tiers of Goalkeeper Latex: Supreme Latex, Contact Foam & Giga Grip are the more durable and longer lasting tacky Grips that you can buy.  It is generally only reserved for the most expensive gloves.  The most common is Super Soft, which does not make the cut in any of our gloves. Glove Companies like to give glove latex's all 'unique' high tech names to disguise what they are offering, but they are usually dressing up 1 of the 3 types of Latex.  Read this blog post and it will help give you some ideas about the difference in latex.

Do you sell your gloves in stores?

We are able to work with select retail partners who see the vision West Coast has for the customer.

Can you Sponsor me?

One of the most common questions we get!  We spend a tremendous amount of time researching which keepers we would like to have as part of our Pro-team to wear our brand.  We then spend a lot of time with them performing tests and refining our gloves.  We only work with 1st Team Professional Keepers in Top Notch leagues!  

Do you offer group discounts?

We do offer Club, Team and large order discounts - we also have an "Official Goalkeeping Glove" program - if your team names our product its official glove.  Email us at and we will happily answer your questions!

Where are you based?

We are Headquartered just outside of Seattle, Washington USA, with offices in Glasgow.  (We do not allow local pickup of gloves as we have several warehouses.) One of the reasons we strive to have Pro goalkeepers playing with our gloves in different areas throughout the world, is we are able to get unique feedback on all types of weather and field conditions.  From the dryness of Australia, the Rains of Ireland, the well used Pitches of UK, winds of Scotland, Sun of Spain and the Turf in the US we are able to design our gloves to withstand a variety of conditions.  That's why our standard grip is Pro 4mm German Latex (Giga, Contact, Ultimate Latex)!

How Long is Shipping?

In the United States we ship EVERYTHING Priority 1-3 day Tracked & Insured at no extra cost in the US, it takes 1-2 Business days to handle your packages on average.   We ship our gloves anywhere in the world for $11 for up to 2 gloves- flat!  We are always shipping to every corner of the world!   Though all domestic packages are tracked, please make sure your receiving address is safe & secure, as if the package is stolen, it is customers liability.

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