Save Your Palms!

One of the most common emails we get is concerns wear on the bottom of a palm.  A simple way to make your palms last is to make a fist when Pushing Up from the Turf.  

Let's Cover a few Palm Basics: 

  1. Latex Palms Naturally will show wear from use!
  2. This is a GOOD Thing if the wear is in the proper places, as the latex needs to be soft enough to arrest the spin of the ball.
  3. DAMPEN Palms Before Each and Every Use.  Keep a water bottle with you in net to Hydrate You and Hydrate your Palms!
  4. Damp Palms lessen wear and activate the palms to increase stickiness.
  5. The Average Serious keeper uses 3-5 pairs per year and rotates their gloves! (the average MLS Pro Keeper uses 30-40 Pairs per year!).

Now that we have a few basics out of the way lets discuss the BAD Palm Wear. 

  • No Matter how durable a palm of a glove is, its still Latex and needs to be soft enough to help you catch. 
  • While many gloves are Turf Approved, they cannot withstand the impact of a 150-200lb person moving at 10mph and using the gloves as Brakes.  
  • Part of having good technique is understanding how to Protect your palms and make them last.  
  • MAKE A FIST when you get up off the turf, you would rather wear happen on the back of the Glove than the palm.
  • Turf Wear marks on the bottom of your palms or chunks coming out are usually from using the gloves as Brakes or to Push Up on! 
  • It will take time to change your technique - but keep practicing using your fist to push up off the ground..... your gloves will last longer!