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New Glove: ULTRA MAX

It's always fun when we welcome a new glove to the West Coast GK Line up- the Ultra Max is a glove we have been working on since Spring Last year.  Haley Kopmeyer of the Seattle Reign was the lead Goalkeeper testing this glove, she spent much of her Off-Season working on Sample Testing and Providing Feedback on Latex and Backhand.

You will notice the Spyder: Ultra Max design is slightly different than our normal Spyder design.  This was done for a few reasons:

1. The new wider Cute required a realignment of the backhand and flex points - which are vital to keep the glove flexible

2. Introducing a new PUNCH ZONE below the Middle and Ring Fingers that is made of a very soft Rubber GEL which is inserted onto the backhand.  It is also texturized to meet with current generation Soccer Balls which have texture on them, in order to redirect the ball for maximum power when punching!   We have been testing a Punching Zone for almost 2 years and realized a small but precise area that is very flexible is ideal!

3. The Backhand consists of a new thicker, yet softer material, which makes the glove feel very comfortable- it has a relaxed feel to it!

With this new enhancements, this new "Expansive Cut" Glove does fit about half a size larger than any of our gloves, however the Fingersaves fit perfectly in this glove and are almost made to stay in this glove.  We included Finger & Thumbsaves along with a removable Zip Pouch to take them out.

One of our goals is to provide a cut for every type of keeper, and for every situation.  We strive to bring the best in Glove Technology for an amazing price - and we want to especially thank our Pro-Team who helps us work on these awesome gloves!

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