Spyder-MAX Review

We often get asked if we have reviews of our gloves- we thought we would take this time to share a couple reviews that were written about our Spyder-MAX series.  The Spyder-MAX like all our gloves is a Professional Match glove, it is design to be a wide glove, to put more of your hand on the Soccer Ball.

It is designed as a Flat/Roll Hybrid Cut glove, with Mesh Gussets on the side- which allow for breathability.  It comes with removable Fingersaves, but you can request a Thumb Save if you want in the notes section when you order at no additional cost!

It is the roomiest of gloves we have, it is not a snug fit - and will allow you to have a very relaxed fit in your hand.  The Giga grip on this glove is designed to be a very durable latex and will hold up better than other Giga Grips we have.  It will need to be moistened to be at its best!  We are confident you will love this glove! 

Remember the cool thing about West Coast GK, is you are wearing the EXACT same gloves as the Pro's.  By only selling from our Website and only focusing on Goalkeeping we are able to provide match Gloves at about $50! 

YouTube Review: CLICK HERE

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As always we stand behind our gloves with 100% Guarantee!  Also if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out to us!


West Coast GK Glove Expert