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The Benefits of a Negative Cut

While many of us are attracted to gloves based on their looks, the glove Cut sometimes never comes into thought when choosing a glove and this is one of the most important decisions in choosing a Goalkeeper Glove.

A Negative Cut Goalkeeper Glove is one that has the stitching on the inside, similar to a driving glove.  Made popular in Germany then spreading to the UK, it is the glove that over half of the top line Goalkeepers in the World use today.  The reason for that is simple, it is a precise glove that allows for a more complete grip and feel of the ball. 

For those of us that aren't Professionals, the Negative Cut glove is used by many Indoor Goalkeepers and is also recommended in poor weather.  It is also an ideal glove for people with smaller hands, it works better for kids and often times women keepers as well, as it is a more form fitting glove.  If you do have very massive hands, it's generally not the best glove for you (Go with the Spyder-Max), but if you want to have full control over the ball, minimize mistakes and have great touch while Goalkeeping, we highly recommend a Negative Cut glove.

We get asked a lot what is the best Aqua glove, the first thing we say is if you are playing in the rain a lot- a Negative Glove is what you should look at, then get the right latex for you.  

The West Coast GK family of Gloves allows for styles and cuts for everyone.  The Spyder-MAX is a larger wide finger glove that has a highly exaggerated pre-curve to it, The Spyder-Pro Black/Electric which is a Roll Finger glove that is a medium fitting glove and then the Spyder-Pro Negative, which gives a more precise fit! 


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