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The New Vyper Venom

We have been working on an update to the Vyper Series for almost 2 years.  We still love the Vyper Series and it is many keepers favorite glove, but we wanted to make a few tweaks and changes to see if we could improve on an already great thing.

We are never happy to just stand still.  With over 100 Pro Keepers the West Coast team is always soliciting feedback from the Pro's that wear our gloves on how we can improve and is there any way we can make each and every glove better, we think you will love some of the new features of the Vyper Venom V2 Series.

The Vyper Venom 'V2' - is a glove that we packed with features

  • We kept the same 'cross support structure' which is unique to the Vyper giving it additional support in the backhand.
  • We made sure to include Thumb Saves in addition to Finger protection.
  • We added a tiny Micro Dot series of Anti-Slip internal Grip, which really prevents the hand from moving helping make a better and cleaner catch.
  • On the BioHybrid we widened the strap for a more secure feel and added double elastic wrist on the Negative Cut for a more snug feel.
  • We went with our Neoprene entry with a Tug strap for easy on/easy off.
  • Wrap over Finger Tips help give control when tipping the ball over the bar!
  • We took a bit of weight off the backhand and exposed just a hint of mesh to make the glove breath better!

We are confident you will love the new Vyper Venom V2 Series- either in the West Coast Goalkeeping Signature BioHYBRID cut or the Negative Cut so many keepers have asked for!

We look forward to making the absolute best gloves on the market today and the most affordable Pro Gloves in North America, 

Stand Your Ground


Shawn Norris


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