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The West Coast Goalkeeping EXO-SKIN Scorpion is a brand new glove line and new technology for us as a company.  Internally we spent just under 2 years on the development of this glove.  Our goal was to create a lighter glove, but this is where it gets interesting. The Lighter Glove had to have more surface area for catching, be as durable as all the other gloves, be more flexible and last just as long.  

Our team went through just over 25 different materials and exterior sampling until we found the right one, combine that with the Silicone Gel Exterior, which is not only used for punching - it provides much needed protection to the glove backhand while playing.  

With many teams and coaches demanding keepers play out of the back, we know how important control is at all times.  So we added what we called 'Scorpion Tail' extended palm.  Its twice as long as previous extended palms, more flexible.  In testing we were seeing significant distance increases on throws - We were also fond of the name Scorpion Tail- and dubbed the Glove Scorpion in testing - which stuck and became the gloves name. 

The Design was the simple part, one of our most popular gloves was a Quantum Summer Edition with Palm trees and many fans missed that glove, in fact it was one of our favorites too, so we were all to happy to recreate that design. 

The Negative Cut was a last minute addition while working with Charlie Lyon from LAFC (who wears a neg), he loved the Hybrid but wanted a more snug palm - we sent a Neg sample and he fell in love with it, so did many of the keepers testing it - who don't wear Negative Cut Gloves.  This is due to the larger surface area for catching and the incredibly flexible backhand.   

Perhaps the most fun was getting the right photos of the glove, for that we went to the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii and was able to play some beach soccer and get some amazing photos.  It has been one of our favorite gloves to create and we sincerely hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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