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Shopping for goalkeeper gloves can be daunting... especially when West Coast has nearly 40 styles of gloves available for purchase!

One of the most common questions we get it is, "what does 'the cut' mean?" A Glove Cut is the palm style in which the latex is cut to have unique properties for catching and will most determine how your glove fits! Below we will break down all the types we offer.

AND REMEMBER- gloves are a personal choice. The glove or cut that is best for you is what makes YOU feel and play YOUR best! Not what coaches, parents or anyone else thinks YOU should be wearing.


The Phantom Havoc

This is the signature cut at West Coast that our CEO, Shawn Norris, invented over 5 years ago. Since then, nearly every glove company has mimicked the cut. The BioHybrid is a Hybrid, however it is 3 cuts combined into one: Roll Finger, Expanse/Flat, Wrap Over/Under Thumb.

The BioHybrid puts your hand in a pre-curved position, with the ideal position for catching towards the top of the ball, naturally. For this reason we always recommend that new or younger keeps try this style of glove first and then try different cuts from there.

Pros like Luis Barraza (NYCFC), Ben Lundt (Phoenix Rising) and Cassie Miller (KC Current) prefer this style.

Bio Hybrid Gloves: Kona Blackout | Kona Pure | Kona Platinum | Phantom Havoc | Helix Aloha | Helix Ohana | Helix Tie-Dye | Helix Honor | Quantum Glitch | Quantum EXO Lumberjack


The Spyder X Sunset

A Hybrid Cut simply means that multiple different cuts are combined together. As stated above, the BioHybrid is our most popular type of Hybrid. Because of these, all Hybrid-style gloves feel a little bit different from one another.

Hybrid cuts often fit the hand better by combining the best features of multiple cuts. With Hybrid cuts we see often see gussets or pieces of material between the palm and backhand. 

Pros like JT Marcinkowski (San Jose Earthquakes), DiDi Haracic (Angel City FC) and Stefan Cleveland (Sounders FC) prefer this style.

Hybrid Gloves: Spyder X Sunset | Spyder X Pacifica | Spyder X Surf | Spyder X Assault | Vyper Voltage


The Phantom Atlas

This cut or palm style is simply called 'Neg' short for Negative. Made famous in Germany, the stitching on the latex is sewn like a driving glove or ski glove- inside the glove. The goal is to have

Negative Cut is the most close fitting palm design and great for goalkeepers who want a very precise fit and to really "feel" the ball. It has the least amount of extra latex on the glove and relies on the strength of your hands to make the catch.

NOTE: Negative Cut gloves tend to wear a little bit quicker than other cuts because of the exposed fingers.

Pros like Joe Willis (Nashville SC), Chituru Odunze (Leicester City FC) and Devon Kerr (Washington Spirit) prefer this style.

Negative Gloves: Phantom Atlas | Phantom Akala | Quantum EXO Lockdown | Quantum EXO Santa Monica | Vyper Ultimate Negative | EXO-Skin Electric


The Quantum Turner Pro

The Negative Hybrid Cut is a more recent West Coast invention where the glove is cut like a negative cut in the middle fingers of the glove but is slightly rolled in the pointer finger, pinky finer and palm style to provide both a tight feel and slight roll to aid with catching.

This style is quickly gaining popularity for keepers of all ages who want the more precise fit but also want the added protection on vulnerable areas of the hand. 

NOTE: Negative Hybrid Cut gloves tend to wear a little bit quicker than other cuts because of the exposed middle fingers.

Pros like Kailen Sheridan (San Diego Wave), Andre Blake (Philadelphia Union) and Matt Turner (Arsenal) prefer this style.

Negative Hybrid Gloves: Phantom Fire & Ice Blake Pro | Quantum Turner Pro | Vyper Stealth Blackout


The Quantum Melia Midnight

Roll Finger is one of the most traditional cuts or palm styles. The fingers are Rolled over the fingers in order to create maximum contact with the ball.

This cut is sometimes called a Gun Cut. Its defining characteristic is a stitch in the middle two fingers to help create the rolled effect. This cut is very popular with professional keepers as it helps to take the "sting" out of hard shots.

NOTE: Roll Cut gloves tend to wear a little bit quicker than other cuts because of the exposed middle fingers.

Pros like Stefan Frei (Sounders FC), Tim Melia (Sporting KC) and Kyle Morton (Louisville FC) prefer this style.

Roll Finger Gloves: Spyder X S24F | Quantum Melia Pro | Quantum Melia Midnight 

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