Premier League

November 30, 2019

We have a motto we say here at West Coast, 'the only difference is skill.'  What we mean by that is we work really hard to make sure every keeper has Amazing Quality, Pro Gloves at a great price!  So the only difference between you and that top level Pro is Skill.   We want to take any excuses out of the way so all you need to do is keep working to achieve those dreams.  

The Story of West Coast Goalkeeping Pro-Team Keeper David Martin is one that shows that.  David worked hard developing a quality Pro Career playing in Championship League, League One - FA Cup Matches all as part of MK Dons and Millwall in England.  It wasn't until he was 33 and got his chance at the Premier League, starting for West Ham vs Chelsea on Nov 30, 2019.  His boyhood club he always dreamed of playing for, his did Alvin was a staple there for over 20 years!  

David was able to achieve his dream at age 33 of playing in the Premier League and for his boyhood team.  Along the way there will be hurdles and obstacles but never stop working, the only difference between you and them is skill and you can work hard to keep improving that skill.  He led West Ham to their first win at Stamford Bridge since 2002, getting a 1-0 clean sheet in his debut.  

David made his Premier League Debut in $75 Spyder X Pacifica Gloves, which makes us proud that we can offer an affordable match glove worn in the highest levels of Football around the world.

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