Brian Rowe & Laguna Grab 1st MLS Clean Sheet

The MLS Debut for the Laguna Series was a successful one! Brian Rowe made the start for the LA Galaxy and claimed the First Win of the 2015 Season with a clean sheet 2-0 of the Chicago Fire!

Brian spent over 1 year designing the Laguna Series, working on the backhand design, materials, palm cut, the material of the gloves and how it feels and fits... only after he felt it was perfect.  

Brian wanted a glove that was easy to go on and off his hand, so we choose Neoprene and paired it with a 'tug strap' which makes for our easiest glove to take off and put on.  A Roll Finger/Gunn Cut with a positive Stitch was paired with 4mm German Supreme Latex for an amazing fit.

The MLS opened the 2015 Season with the defending Champion LA Galaxy facing off vs the Chicago Fire. We were very proud to see Brian wearing the gloves he worked so hard on developing and we are so happy to offer you another amazing Pro Match Glove at a great price!