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Vyper REKON Arrives

When we first created the VYPER it was designed to be a glove that was aggressive and different and allowed us to get experimental with a glove.  We honestly did not expect it to be a hit, we wanted certain things like Micro Mesh and Comfort Foam in the Glove (yes the same thing found in a mattress), we wanted the best latex we could find - but we also wanted to have some fun with the style. 
Normally the styling of our gloves is worked on by 1 of 2 designers that we work with or one of our Pro Team, but the Vyper was designed exclusively by our President Shawn Norris.  At the office we were a bit apprehensive because it wasn't like any style we had seen before, but then when we saw the glove in person we were amazed how awesome it looked.  So you can imagine our surprise when Shawn said, I want to do Camo Vyper's!  We all thought - it's been done before... the military thing is kind of old news.... but his response was - "no, no, - I want Bold, Fun, Cool, Kick Butt Camo" Let's have some fun with it!  
After we saw the first samples of the Vyper Rekon - the best way to describe it was just Bad Ass... it looked intimidating and incredible at the same time..... then came the Hybrid cut combined with the Supreme latex, its probably one of the better combinations - well except for like butter and popcorn!
We have our own opinion, but we sent it to 3 Keepers from Major League Soccer.  They raved about how much they loved the Vyper's-  the grip and the quality - in fact all 3 of those keepers will be wearing VYPER's this season for West Coast Goalkeeping!  Joe Nasco is one and the other 2 will be announced soon! 
Our promise is that we will continue to strive to deliver a Pro Glove with amazing grip for a great price to you!
West Coast Goalkeeping Team

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