West Coast featured on Ted Lasso!

Whether you know him as Thierry Zoreaux or Van Damme, you may have noticed the AFC Richmond goalkeeper, played by actor Moe Jeudy-Lamour, rocking your favorite brand of gloves on Season 3 of the hit show, Ted Lasso!

In nearly every episode of the season, through the ups and downs of trying to win in the Premier League, Jeudy-Lamour can be spotted rocking West Coast on the field and in the locker room. 

Moe would send us style and ID requests that he got from the writers and we'd then ship straight to set to the costume department. Often times, the gloves were needed for very specific scenes on tight timelines so we would hustle to get them all ID'ed and out the door! In total, we sent nearly 25 pairs of gloves to film the season in 4 separate orders.

So what gloves can I see on the show???

Do we know what's happening next?

As much as we wish we could say we did... we are just as much in the dark as you all are and each week is a total surprise! We did think it was a bit odd when he asked for Van Damme for his Glove ID but that quickly made sense just a few episodes in. New episodes drop every Wednesday-or late Tuesday for those on the west coast! 


We connected with Moe through a trainer ahead of filming Ted Lasso Season 3 to supply gear for training and the partnership never stopped! Moe was working with coaches and pros all off season in order nail the role. We cannot say enough great things about Moe and what a professional and talented actor he is!


Ted Lasso is available to watch on Apple TV+. Let's go Richmond!