Goalkeeper Stocking Stuffers

You know we've got the gloves and the jerseys but we've also got the practical gear and the lifestyle accessories to make this holiday season AMAZING for the goalkeeper in your life.

1. Glove Wash: Make gloves last longer and smell better. Need we say more?

2. Keep warm on the pitch with our Hat/Glove combo and Snood neck warmer. Trust us on this one!

3. We're big fans of injury prevention here at West Coast! Tape your wrists and fingers before training and games to spend time more time on the field instead of icing injuries.

4. Our pros swear by our Grip Socks! Ours our different because they feature grip inside and outside to ensure no slipping around in your boots.

5. Mini Glove Keychains not only make great ornaments (wink, wink), they're the perfect statement piece for school backpacks and soccer bags.

6. Does your child wear crocs? We don't fully understand either but we do have Clog Charms for them to achieve full sport mode.