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The Spyder S24F Evil Twins are HERE!

The latest glove design from Seattle Sounders goalkeeper, Stefan Frei, has launched! The Spyder S24F Evil Twins are in stock and ready to ship.

The Spyder S24F Evil Twins are a full collection, complete with a jersey, glove bag and mini keychain. There's even a promotional bundle with autographed glove bag so be sure to act fast as THIS WILL SELL OUT!

Ever since Stefan debuted the gloves in the quarterfinals and semifinals of the Sounder's historic CCL title run, the buzz around these gloves has been building. The matte black backhand with contrasting pops of color have had people inquiring for months about when the gloves would finally be ready. THAT DAY IS HERE!

So why a new glove? In theory, this glove is not intended to replace the original Spyder S24F, but rather compliment it. Stefan's white glove is a roll cut and you will likely see him continue to wear it often. Conversely, the Evil Twins are a BioHybrid cut and offers him a different option. Many factors including weather, climate, feel on the ball, etc. can play into the decision for Stefan to switch up what he wears in any given game or training.

Both gloves have:

  • Top of the line latex
  • Internal grip
  • Finger + thumb protection
  • Double elastic wrist strap

The roll cut (pictured above on the Spyder S24F) is a very popular style with our pro goalkeepers. The stitching on the glove rolls the middle fingers forward and increases direct contact with the ball. This helps to take the "sting" out of hard shots. 

The new BioHybrid model (pictured above on the Evil Twins) features the classic West Coast style created by owner, Shawn Norris. The BioHybrid is pre-curved to wrap to the shape of the ball. It is very popular with youth keepers as well as goalkeepers who want a secure feel on the ball. We have several pros who prefer this model that emphasize the importance in holding as many saves as possible.

Both are incredible options designed by an incredible goalkeeper- you simply cannot go wrong!


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