Glove iD Personalization

We are proud to offer Goalkeeper Glove iD Personalization on almost our entire line of Goalkeeping gloves starting today!  You can choose up to 10 different letters/numbers to be printed on your gloves!

Glove iD personalization gives an added professional look to your gloves.  It is available for only $9 per gloves (and yes you can get something different on each hand if you want!)  

If you choose this option please be aware it will add 1-2 days extra onto your order to process the Glove iD Personalization.  Also please be aware that you cannot return or exchange Glove iD Personalization gloves, so do make sure you are confident in your size and fit when ordering!

If you do have a special request please email us and let us know before ordering - we can usually help you out!


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