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The Best Selling Glove Cleaning Product in North America!

West Coast Goalkeeping Glove Wash is a Ultra-Concentrated wash specifically designed for Goalkeeper Gloves. 

It comes in a sealed 3 oz. TSA Approved Travel Size or Full Size 6oz. bottle- so it will fit in your glove bag and because you will actually need less of it!  A little bit goes a LONG way- so use it sparingly when you wash your gloves!

Pro Goalkeepers wash their own gloves, you should too!  When to wash your gloves 1. After you first purchase them 2. As they get dirty 3. Before matches.   

Directions: Wet Gloves with warm water, apply a small amount of West Coast Glove wash to the palm and work it in with your hand, wash the backhand of the glove also.  Work soap in thoroughly and rinse until no soap comes out of the glove.  (you can repeat if desired).  Wring the gloves out - you will know they are clean as they make a squeaking noise when you run your fingers across the latex of the palms.  

Hang Dry.  Do not use a tumble dryer or dry in the sun as both will harden the latex palms.  

  • Ultra-Low Foaming
  • Hypoallergenic (Cool for people with allergies or sensitive skin)
  • Biodegradable (Cool for the Environment - even the bottle is made from recycled material)
  • Non Toxic  
  • No Dyes
  • No Bleach
  • No Phosphates
  • No Perfumes

Customer Reviews

Based on 205 reviews
Really good!!

It cleans the gloves really well. It gets off dirt without tearing the latex like other brands. It is also much more reasonable, just like the rest of west coast's products (and better), compared to the other brands.


Best finger saves in an pair of gloves yet.


My son is a very busy keeper. He plays both for a high school team and a tier one level club team. I wish the wash came in a bigger bottle.

Best gloves from beginner to pro athlete

My daughter (U11) is on her third set of west coast gloves and absolutely loves them. The protection, the control, the ball grip, all top notch. And I love how well they hold up compared to other brands, lasting twice to three times as long. Absolutely the best.
Shoreline, Washington

The mf best

Does an excellent job. Even Better Job than the GloveGlu glove wash And eliminates the odor. Have gotten west coast gk gloves for years. Im on my 13th pair and since the first pair I’ve always used their wash and absolutely outperforms other glove wash brands