West Coast Goalkeeping

VYPER Stealth Hydro



  • FP- Removable FINGERSAVES
  • LATEX-  AQUA German Pro Grip
  • PALM - Negative-Hybrid Combo
  • WRIST- Easy Entry Neoprene with Tug Strap
  • BACKHAND - Latex SuperSoft Backhand
  • FIT - Precise, yet Softer Glove 

Weather: This is an All-Weather glove - we recommend a pre-wash following peeling of the plastic protective covering for maximum grip.  This glove must be dampened to be used to avoid excessive wear.

Grip: 4mm German All-Weather Supreme Latex is great in any condition, rain or shine.  The 4mm German All-Weather Supreme Latex is protected by a Plastic Coating that will need to be peeled and pre-washed prior to using.

Design: Featuring Micro-Mesh for added comfort, this glove also comes with Negative Middle Fingers for improved fit and comfort, with Micro Mesh on the edges.

Wrist: Featuring an all new wide latex double velcro strap for comfort and control. 

Backhand: 3mm Super Soft Latex Backhand with Memory Foam lining in backhand.  This glove is especially comfy if you choose to remove the Fingersaves, it will feel like a pillow on your hands!

Finger Protection: Guardian Finger Protection System (not thumb) with a convenient small flex pocket for quick removal.  Quickly remove them for a lighter more flexible glove! If you require THUMB Saves they can be added for $1.00 USD in Accessories.  Every West Coast Glove can accept Thumb Saves if you require, however they are not included.

Sizing & Fit: This glove will fit true to size, and should be ordered accordingly.  

This glove is a Negative hybrid, as a reminder Negative Cut gloves wear faster due to the lack of an overhang.  Negative is advised for keepers with a higher degree of technique to decrease wear. 

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VYPER Stealth Hydro


VYPER Stealth Hydro

Great gloves

This is my sons 7th pair of west coast gloves. It’s all he will wear.

Awesome gloves

My daughter absolutely loved this glove , she said these are extremely comfortable from the inside and secure on her . We have been purchasing gloves here for the last 3 years because of the great quality! The costumer service is awesome as well!


West Coast Goalie gloves never fail to impress me! Always looking forward to trying out new gear from you!