VYPER Stealth Hydro

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West Coast Goalkeeping

VYPER Stealth Hydro

$75.00 USD


  • FP- Removable FINGERSAVES
  • LATEX-  AQUA German Pro Grip
  • PALM - Hybrid Roll/Negative Combo
  • WRIST- Easy Entry Neoprene with Tug Strap
  • BACKHAND - Latex SuperSoft Backhand
  • FIT - Precise, yet Softer Glove


Weather: This is an All-Weather glove - we recommend a pre-wash following peeling of the plastic protective covering for maximum grip.  This glove must be dampened to be used to avoid excessive wear.

Grip: 4mm German All-Weather Supreme Latex is great in any condition, rain or shine.  The 4mm German All-Weather Supreme Latex is protected by a Plastic Coating that will need to be peeled and pre-washed prior to using.

Design: Featuring Micro-Mesh for added comfort, this glove also comes with Negative Middle Fingers for improved fit and comfort, with Micro Mesh on the edges.

Wrist: Featuring an all new wide latex double velcro strap for comfort and control. 

Backhand: 3mm Super Soft Latex Backhand with Memory Foam lining in backhand.  This glove is especially comfy if you choose to remove the Fingersaves, it will feel like a pillow on your hands!

Finger Protection: Guardian Finger Protection System (not thumb) with a convenient small flex pocket for quick removal.  Quickly remove them for a lighter more flexible glove! If you require THUMB Saves they can be added for $1.00 USD in Accessories.  Every West Coast Glove can accept Thumb Saves if you require, however they are not included.

Sizing & Fit: This glove will fit true to size, and should be ordered accordingly.  For a snugger fit we recommend the Fusion and for a looser fit try the MAX series!

Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
One of the most comfortable gloves you have manufactured!

I absolutely love the way the gloves are made and the way I am able to grip the ball for catching and the protection against harder shots. 10/10

Great Gloves

My son (12U Classic League) absolutely loves West Coast Goalkeeping gloves. It has officially become his brand of choice when it comes to gloves

Look cool - fits well

My daughter takes the finger saves out and likes the fit. She uses these as game gloves for high school soccer. She prefers a snug, but not a tight fit. The grip is good but she wishes that it would last longer. The first pair lasted about 8 weeks (chunks started falling out of the palm within several weeks) and we have replaced them. She will alternate practice gloves with game gloves and have a separate pair that she uses in rainy weather. Hopefully this will help.


VYPER Stealth Hydro

Slicer dad

Gloves are nice but after a week and a half the palms have chunks out of them. I can’t understand why no glove company can find a better material. For 70.00 they should last longer than this.