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West Coast Goalkeeping

VYPER Champion

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  • FP+T- Removable FINGER+ THUMB Saves
  • LATEX -German 4mm Black Contact Grip
  • PALM - Roll Finger /Gun Cut 
  • WRIST- Double Elastic Elastic Wrist Strap
  • BACKHAND - Durable Composite with Memory Foam
  • FIT - Easy Entry with Medium Palm and Precise Fit Fingers

Featuring Double Elastic Wrist Strap, Classic Roll Finger Cut, 4mm German Black Contact Supreme Latex, Finger & Thumb Saves, Neoprene Entry with Tug Strap, Memory Foam padding to help absorb hard shots and we have added 2 layers of Gold Paint to give it an Amazingly Unique Look.

Weather: This is an All-Weather glove - we HIGHLY recommend a pre-wash following peeling of the plastic protective covering for maximum grip.  This glove must be dampened to be used to avoid excessive wear.

Grip: 4mm Black German All-Weather Supreme Latex is great in any condition, rain or shine.  The 4mm Black German All-Weather Supreme Latex is protected by a Plastic Coating that will need to be peeled and pre-washed prior to using.

Design: Micro-Mesh for added comfort, this glove comes with Roll Finger with positive stitches in the middle 2 fingers for increased comfort and fit. Neoprene entry with Tug strap make this glove easy to get on and off by yourself with no struggle!

Wrist: Featuring an all new wide latex double velcro strap for comfort and control. 

Backhand: 3mm Super Soft Latex Backhand with Memory Foam lining in backhand.  This glove is especially comfy if you choose to remove the Fingersaves, it will feel like a pillow on your hands!  Three piece backhand for increased flexibility.  Gold is painted with 2 layers of paint to make sure it stays bright gold for a long time!

Finger Protection: Guardian Finger + Thumb Protection System with a convenient small flex pocket for quick removal.  Quickly remove them for a lighter more flexible glove! Thumb saves are included in this glove. 

Sizing & Fit: This glove will fit true to size, and should be ordered accordingly.  

Customer Reviews

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Best gloves!

So happy we went with these gloves! They fit my daughter so nicely and are thick and sturdy while still being comfortable. Fantastic quality for the price!

Feels great looks great

Awesome gloves! I"m varsity goalie and I love the fit and the look.



Excellent experience all the way around

My son has been playing keeper for 8 years. He has only been really buying the "better" gloves for the past 4 years. Better meaning more expensive is what we thought were better. His club were sponsored by Nike so we bought Nike. Not only are they over price, but the didn't hold up at all. The stitching would come undone, the thumb would rip, and wrist strap would tear. West coast we came apon because my son trained with a player on the package that you sponsor. So he looked into west coast and he gave you a try. No only did he love the way they fit but quality and style words for him. For me the PRICE was unexpected. We are able to get 3 pair of gloves for the price of 1 from another brand. And west coast are what we find to be in the " BETTER" gloves but with a much cheaper price.
To top it off, the customer service was so pleasant, understanding, helpful, and very personable. I have been waiting for this chance to put a review in because west coast is a great company to deal with. I want to thank you for pricing your product in a more realistic price range for players of all degrees. Your product is above the big names and customer service is top. Especially the woman I spoke with but I wish I could remember her name to get her recognized for outstanding care and service.
So again, thank you.

very much like them

i had a pair of these given to me before by a professional indoor keeper, and i used them a few time in the past. so i bought myself a brand new pair. although i have yet to use them in game play, i noticed that this pair has all 5 finger spines in them, not just the usual 4, so that was a nice bonus. they fit well, like they are supposed to. not too snug, like other brands in this same size. they are easier to put on and get off, unlike other brands i have used. the grip performs as advertised. i will very likely purchase other pairs in the future. thank you for making such a good quality, durable glove!