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West Coast Goalkeeping


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  • FP- Removable FINGER Saves
  • LATEX - Turf Approved German 4mm Orange Contact Grip
  • PALM - Negative Cut
  • WRIST- Latex with Easy On Neoprene Entry
  • BACKHAND - Durable Composite 
  • FIT - Precise Fit


Weather: This is an All-Weather glove - we recommend a pre-wash following peeling of the plastic protective covering for maximum grip.  This glove must be dampened to be used to avoid excessive wear.

Grip: 4mm German All-Weather Exclusive Orange Supreme Latex is great in any condition, rain or shine.  Palm is protected by a Plastic Coating that will need to be peeled and pre-washed prior to using.

Design: Reverse or Negative Cut gloves are designed to be form fitting.  Remember Reverse cut gloves provide no backhand coverage and can wear faster if your technique is not great or you drag your hands.  Featuring Micro-Mesh for added comfort, this glove also comes with Negative Middle Fingers for improved fit and comfort, with Micro Mesh on the edges. 

Wrist: Neoprene Entry with Tug Strap for easy on/off with Latex Wrist Strap for added security

Backhand: 3mm Super Soft Latex Backhand with Memory Foam lining in backhand.  This glove is especially comfy if you choose to remove the Fingersaves, it will feel like a pillow on your hands!

Finger Protection: Guardian Finger Protection System (not thumb) with a convenient small flex pocket for quick removal.  Quickly remove them for a lighter more flexible glove! If you require THUMB Saves they can be added in Accessories. 

Sizing & Fit: This glove fits very precise and snug, if you are on the fence we recommend going up a size to accommodate the form fitting style.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Gloves!

Purchased my son the Vyper's from WCG and he loves them - they are very high quality and the tack is sound.

All around outstanding

I purchased my first West Coast gloves in June, 2013. At the time their FB likes were in the hundreds and they had the Spyder Max and the Fusion in 3 cuts. I tried the original Fusion Pro negative cut. The products keep getting better. I’ve also had Vyper Rekons, Laguna Phantoms, a couple match balls and now the Vyper Delta negative cut. The look, fit, feel and grip are top notch. I normally wear a size 9, but since they were out of 9’s and were negative cut, I tried the 10’s. I kept the finger saves in and the 10’s work. I recommend West Coast gloves to anyone who’ll listen. Unless you are hell bent on spending two to three times as much for no better of glove, buy West Coast. And one more thing, they’re customer service is amazing ( I have stories).


Used for the first time and very nice. Play indoor and broke my wrist prior and felt good with straps for support

My son loves these gloves

These gloves are a real step up for my son. Tired of paying for sorry quality gloves at our local big-box-sporting-goods-store (BBSGS) who cannot seem to stock quality and affordable goalkeeping gear we, upon the recommendation from our cashier, too a look at West Coast Goalkeeping. I let him look through the selection and he found the VYPER Deltas. They had the features he was looking for and a price I thought was fair. They perform well and I didn't break the bank. We'll probably buy some more now that we know these suit him well.



Great grip on the gloves