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QUANTUM Melia Pro Electric Edition

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My daughter loves them

A good glove

This my second pair of West Coast GK gloves. They replaced a well loved pair of Spyder X Rush gloves used for almost two years. The Electric editions have not worn particularly well. There are many spots on the gloves that already have substantial wear unlike my Spyders which replaced because of age rather than wear. The latex has not only proven less durable, but has also proven more difficult in catching and holding the ball. Now the caveat for the review; it must be understood that the Spyders and the ones reviewed here are different cuts which means different characteristics. However, my first experience with West Coast GK gloves and the Spyders was a five star with no questions. These are still a solid glove, but they are not in the same league--for me--as my previous pair.

So far so good

My son likes the fit and the option to remove the spines. The grip is great as well. He immediately started to parry fewer balls, catching more with confidence. He has been using them for futsal and indoor training on turf for 2 weeks. One his friends has had westcoast gloves for a year and they still look great.

Goalie Gloves for Emma - Xmas 2018

I cannot really commend on this Christmas present I bought for my granddaughter as she has not received them yet from me and has not tried them for soccer yet. Soon as she does, after 12/25/18, if you want a better review, request one from me at jtonks@msn.com

Quality and service

My nine year old loves his new gloves. The quality is great.... grip and flexibility are both awesome. The personal service that the West Coast team provided to make sure we were ordering the right size was much appreciated. Hopefully this kid is on his way to being a “mini Melia” with this great new gear!