Quantum EXO Marley

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West Coast Goalkeeping

Quantum EXO Marley

$79.00 USD


  • FP- Removable FINGER + THUMB Saves
  • INTERNAL GRIP- Internal Silicone Palm secures hand in place
  • TURF - Ultra Durable Turf Approved German Pro Supreme Grip
  • PALM - BioHybrid (Roll/Flat/Expanse) 3 in 1 Palm Cut
  • LATEX- 4mm Pro German Supreme Plus All Weather Palm
  • WRIST- Adjustable Double Elastic Wrist Strap
  • BACKHAND - Ultra Lightweight Flex-Dry Backhand
  • FIT - Incredibly Flexible and Lightweight

 The EXO-SKIN style comes to the Quantum Series, a lighter more flexible Quantum with Removable Finger + Thumb Protection 

    Grip: Only the top Latex in the world -  Pro German 4mm Ultra Supreme Latex.  Specially Built for keepers that play on different fields conditions - Turf and Grass.   Built for Dry Harsh conditions, and also made for light to medium wet conditions as well.  Dampen Palms for best grip possible, wetting the Ultra Supreme Latex will activate the chemicals in the Latex as well as decrease the wear on the glove.

    CUT:  BioHybrid with mesh gussets for increased flexibility along with a Pre-curve palm in order to keep you on top of your catch!  Wrap Over/Under Thumb Wrap Under Thumb, Wrap over tips and Semi Surround cut increase flexility and allow for more catching area.

    Wrist:Double Elastic Wrist Strap with Glove ID Box for Name Personalization.  New Landing zone to decrease wear and , which gives the longest extended palm with maximum comfort on any West Coast Glove.  Easy on/Off Entry make putting on and taking off this glove simple and don't require any help!

    Backhand: Poly Composite Lightweight Backhand with Dual Layer Punch Zone increases the durability of the glove, while providing extra cushion to soften catches.

    Finger Protection:  This glove includes finger + thumb saves with a convenient small flex pocket for quick removal.  Finger Saves Provide excellent protection and flexes and forms to your hand for maximum protection against injury.  Quickly remove them for a lighter more flexible glove! 

    Fit:The Quantum EXO Marley is designed to be a Medium Fitting glove that will open up half a size if the finger saves are removed. 


    Customer Reviews

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    Perfect Gloves

    The high quality latex and good durability even on turf use will have me buying these again. These are the best gloves I've ever owned in this price range-and even better than some I've owned that were considerably more expensive. I highly recommend them.


    Great service


    Quantum EXO Marley

    Doesn’t feel substantial

    I had to try something new because my beloved gold Vyper Champions had been discontinued. I have been wearing the Marley’s for 3 weeks and finally gave up and ordered the Laguna Lotus yesterday. As a lover of the double wrap I decided to give the Marley a try. I do not like the breathable material on the back of the glove. It’s very thin and no protection provided for the back of the hand. It feels like swimsuit material. I was afraid with time the finger saves may even poke through. I obviously haven’t given it enough time to see if that will happen as 3 weeks is all I could take. I do like the added “abrasion zone”. The glove is very flexible. I do NOT like that the zipper for finger saves was replaced with Velcro. May have to do with the type of material the glove is made out of. It is just stiff and looks and feels cheap. I’m giving it 3 stars because it did perform well for the 3 weeks I’ve worn it and it secured us a spot at Nationals in July. I just docked it 2 stars for the backhand material and Velcro. Those are factors that someone might love. So it’s up to you how you feel about those changes. I feel it would be a great glove for training where protection doesn’t have to be at top level.

    You are right this is designed to be a lightweight and breathable glove, if you don't like lighter gloves - this would not be the model for you! We can swap them within 30 days even if they are used!

    Quantum EXO Marley